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    SOAP Gal 2:4-5



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    SOAP Gal 2:4-5

    Post by disciple4jesus1 on Sun Oct 04, 2015 11:42 pm

    S-And this occurred because of false brethren secretly brought in (who came in by stealth to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus) that they might bring us into bondage), to whom we did not yield submission even for an hour, that the truth of the Gospel might continue with you.

    O- Legalism binds...not people pleasing...solid knowledge...we sometimes pick and choose what is and isn't legalism to justify or plead our cause.

    A-When I first became a Christian I had some legalism. I was a brand new Christian and wanted to please God instantly. As I grew, most of that legalism had subsided. What I found interesting and what made me angry is the lack of love and the way Christians justified what they did or didn't do, for the sake of not seeming legalistic and doing things in the name of God's grace to comfort themselves and convince themselves that wanting to please God would somehow institute legalism. I think more Christians need to do less judging of those who do desire to please God and more of their own heart checking.

    P-God forgive us when we are being legalistic. Thank You that You see our hearts and not our outward. Lord help us to understand the balance between grieving You and being legalistic. Help us to learn to judge the believer for fruit and not for condemnation and give grace to the lost so we may win them to you! Help us not to put our own convictions on others. And help us not to put a heaviness on those who seek to please You. Help us to be one minded in You! Amen!

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