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    VS 130 (132) SOAP


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    VS 130 (132) SOAP Empty VS 130 (132) SOAP

    Post by disciple4jesus1 on Tue Aug 11, 2015 11:24 pm

    The entrance of Your words gives light; It gives
    understanding to the simple. Look upon me and be merciful to me,
    as Your custom is toward those who love Your name.

    Unfolding of God's Word
    Light comes to the simple, naïve, foolish
    God's love is equal for those who love Him!
    God smiles upon us

    When God's word unfolds before my eyes, I say..."the light bulb went on..." and I love
    it when that happens. I love when I get God's word. God gives me understanding and favor
    because I want it, not because I'm some scholar or because I am so spiritual; just because
    I love being His daughter and I desire to please Him, not for my own gain! Furthermore, I
    don't have to plead with God for His favor because I am not some scholar or amazing Bible
    thumper...I don't have to prove myself to Him. He loves me equally as any scholar or spiritual
    person just because we love Him and love His name!

    Lord precious Holy Jesus, I thank You that I never have to prove myself, nor do I need to earn Your favor. It
    is already mine just because I love being Your daughter and that is enough for You to smile upon me.
    I love You DADDY JESUS!
    knowledgeable or unknowledgeable we may be.

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