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    VS 49-72 Summary


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    VS 49-72 Summary Empty VS 49-72 Summary

    Post by disciple4jesus1 on Fri Jul 24, 2015 11:40 am

    ...In spite of the ridicule we sometimes face, God's word, His promises, bring me comfort, hope, life, freedom, and a good conscience.
    ...I cannot abandon the truth under pressure
    ...In spite of how wretched the world has become and this earth has decayed, God's goodness is all over the earth. We see it
    in every life that breathes, every tree that sways, every raindrop that falls, every life that is saved.
    ...Even affliction is God's goodness!

    In spite of what people say, how they treat us, even if they lie about us, God's truths are what should hold me together. The promises in God's word bring me comfort, hope, life, freedom, a good conscience, and the list goes on. I cannot abandon the truth when things go wrong, or people hurt me, because there is nothing I can do...NOTHING...that will keep God from loving me. I am safe in His arms. And no matter what happens in this wretched world we live in and how decayed the earth has become, I can still see God's goodness all over the earth. In every life that breathes and comes into this world, every tree that sways, every mountain that peaks, every raindrop that falls, every life that is saved, and even in my afflictions is God's goodness, because He promises me that it is for my good, whether because of my sin, or because He wants to make me stronger, or use me in someone's life or matter what I am going through in life whether good or bad, a daily dose of God's Word will always hold me together! He is my Glue!!!

    Have a blessed weekend everyone, may God richly bless you, and may He keep you and comfort you and may you feel free in Him as you enjoy life no matter where you are! Love you all sisters!
    Elaine Engel

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    VS 49-72 Summary Empty Re: VS 49-72 Summary

    Post by Elaine Engel on Sat Jul 25, 2015 11:32 pm

    Amen sister! And may God richly bless you and your weekend. <3

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