Because of His Grace

Because of God's grace we are able to experience His love and truth. This is a place where we can gather to share about what God's grace is doing in our lives!

    Summery 119:97-120

    Elaine Engel

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    Summery 119:97-120 Empty Summery 119:97-120

    Post by Elaine Engel on Sat Aug 08, 2015 8:14 pm

    Love God's word and obey it, gain wisdom.  The world is full of darkness, God's word is my light and my compass.  The more I read God's
    word the better I see His ways the safer I am and more secure I feel. Double minded people will not benefit me they are unstable and not to be trusted I must have healthy boundaries so can't cause me to fall. Obey and love Gods word with all my hear.t He and His word are my hope and
    my protector my wonderful savior. I honor Him and and am truly thankful for all He is.

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