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    S.O.A.P. Psalm 119:125-128

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    S.O.A.P. Psalm 119:125-128 Empty S.O.A.P. Psalm 119:125-128

    Post by Elaine Engel on Mon Aug 10, 2015 4:54 pm

    S: I am Your servant give me understanding that I may know Your testimonies1 It is time for the LORD to act, for Your law
    had been broken. therefore I love Your commandments above gold, above fine gold. Therefore I consider all Your precepts to
    be right; I hate every false way.

    O: Author is committed to his master. He desires to have understanding yet he is troubled, his heart is heavy. He wants to be teachable.
    The word is his protection he loves it.Yet there seems to be an inner struggle. He wants God to do something to act. He knows the word is
    priceless. He opposes that which comes against God and His word.

    A: I desire to be constantly teachable, find all I need in God Himself and His word. I long for all my security to be in him. At times I find myself
    out of sorts. Gods ways are right, I must not compromise His ways best and His timing is perfect. So I must
    stand firm with strength, Patience, grace and humility.

    P: LORD I pray that I would always be teachable for You. I desire to love You with all my heart mind and soul. May I find my security in You
    and Your word of truth. I pray my confidence would be in You and not myself. May I stand strong and not compromise. May I be sensitive
    to Your Holy Spirit. Representing You in a way that brings glory and honor to You. In you very holy name I pray Amen.

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